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The Price of Peace

April 4 @ 5:30 pm 9:00 pm

The Price of Peace

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Hilton Hotel

April 4, 2024 at 5:30 – 9 PM

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The Price of Peace

In the month of April AWiB presents “The Price of Peace”, a pertinent topic that every one of us needs to reflect on and convene for discussion. Before we begin to explore the price let’s pause and ask ourselves “What is Peace?” Is peace the absence of war or the presence of unshakable harmony? If you are reading this, make sure to take some time to articulate what peace really means to you!

One way of defining peace is that it is the individual attitudes, collective actions and social structures that create and sustain peaceful communities. Many of us would agree on the statement “Peace begins from self”, such as taking a breath and staying silent when our emotion is at its peak – however it is not an easy task, or is it?

Peace is associated with many characteristics that are considered desirable, including better economic outcomes, measures of well-being, levels of inclusiveness and environmental sustainability. The real question here is how we act as individuals and as a collective. Are our urges to react without a second thought to every action we encounter greater than peace? Is our desire to be considered important by others worth many deaths and sufferings? What are we willing to pay for peace?

To maintain peace and be peace is a courageous act! These acts can be as simple as letting go of that prestigious job with countless benefits along with the toxicity in its package or as big as sacrificing a life for an idea that protects society.

As a generation undergoing individual and collective transformation, we have seen relatively different levels of peace in our environment. We are also experiencing the catastrophes that take over as peace slips out of our hands. What are we willing to sacrifice to gain or regain the peace we have lost or are unable to maintain?  

Talking Points
  • Does peace require sacrifices?
  • What does it take to for individuals to become peaceful and create peaceful communities?
  • What are leaders’ responsibilities when it comes to bringing about peace for the community?
  • How does the absence of peace affect the economic stability of a nation?

Dalaya Ashenafi is a researcher on development, peacebuilding, and public policy. She holds an MA in Conflict and Development from King’s College London. She was a 2022 Asia Global Fellow with the Asia Global Institute of the University of Hong Kong. Dalaya is also the chair of the women’s track in Ethiopians for Inclusive Dialogue(EID) and a trainer on peacebuilding and national dialogue.

Nebil Kellow is the Founder & Managing Director of First Consult PLC, an economic development organization that implements projects supporting wealth creation in Ethiopia. Nebil’s work is centered on the growth of SMEs, skills development, and improving access to finance. Nebil has previously worked for McKinsey & Co. and in the investment industry in the UK and is passionate about increasing the role of youth and women to lead growth and transformation in Africa.

Samrawit Tassew is an expert in the fields of peace and security, law, media, and advocacy.  She has worked both for public and private entities at regional and national levels. Currently, she is the founder and head of Lulawi Connections Consult, a consultancy firm specializing in comprehensive advocacy, communications, media, and stakeholder management projects.  

Her diverse professional background has equipped her with an understanding of various issues, enabling her to analyze complex social challenges impartially—a crucial quality for a practitioner in peace and security. Serving as the editor-in-chief for Fortune Newspaper provided her with profound insights into Ethiopia’s socio-economic and political landscape, recognizing the nation’s potential as a significant regional and global contributor to peace and security development. 

The Price of Peace


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