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July 1, 2023 @ 9:00 am 12:00 pm


Saturday, July 1, 2023 from 9 AM – 12 PM

ARC(AWiB Resource Center)

Members Only!



The root of suffering is attachment.” ~Buddah

Letting go attracts what we seek! We can only receive with open hands.

We are attached to our jobs, our looks, our wealth, people’s opinions, and so on. When things are going well for us, it’s unimaginable to even consider detachment but when we are faced with failures or losses it becomes appealing. Practicing detachment is the key that can help us be unshakable by everchanging situations and outcomes: it is the path that takes us closer to our inner peace.

Expectations may lead to disappointments if we are attached to specific outcomes. Detachment is doing the right thing to the best of our abilities for the sake of doing it without worrying about success or failure. It is an essential skill we can practice to infuse our lives with integrity, grace, and freedom.

We should be careful not to use detachment as an excuse for dealing with fundamental issues like livelihood, self-development works, and relationships. It is not synonymous with indifference, carelessness, or passivity. As contradictory as it may appear, true detachment means being involved heavily in the practice and putting effort into it.  Step outside of emotions and reflect on the situation. Detachment is hard work because of our attachment to things, situations and people.

Upon completion of this seminar, you will:

Understand the meaning of true detachment and the difference between detachment & being unattached
Learn the different stages of detachment and how to practice it.
Reflect to find some clues that show that we are attached to different things and people & learn how to recognize when we are attached or detached.
Gain an understanding of why detachment can be very difficult and how it can positively influence our lives

This seminar will be facilitated by Tsigereda Kassa.