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AWiB Presents the 2023 WOE!

December 7, 2023 @ 5:30 pm 9:00 pm

AWiB Presents the 2023 WOE!

December 7, 2023, at 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Hilton Hotel


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AWiB Presents the 2023 WOE!

In the month of December, AWiB presents the 2023 WOEs (for those who have not made it to the 10th and last WOE Gala Dinner) on December 7, 2023, at the Hilton Hotel.

Dr. Mulu Muleta: In a Class of Her Own

“My life’s purpose found meaning in restoring hope and dignity to women afflicted by fistula. I walk proudly on the path paved by the footsteps of my patients, whose resilience and courage taught me the true meaning of strength.”

Dr. Mulu Muleta, also known as “Mulu Fistula,” is a pioneering obstetrician and gynecologist who tirelessly advocates for the prevention and treatment of obstetric fistula, a debilitating childbirth injury affecting millions of women. She was the first female Ethiopian-trained specialist in the field and holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from the Institute of Antwerp and a PhD from Bergen. Inspired by the joy she sees in her patients after they are cured, Dr. Mulu has dedicated her life to changing the lives of women affected by fistula by addressing its physical, social, and psychological impacts. With over 18 years of experience at the Hamlin Fistula Hospital, she’s treated more than 10,000 patients.

Dr. Mulu has collaborated with numerous national & international organizations including the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and UNFDP to coordinate a training program for health officers on emergency obstetric and surgical care through task shifting. She’s currently operating her own maternal and child health specialty center where she treats fistula patients for free. Dr. Mulu’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of women and children worldwide is a source of inspiration to many in the field.

Rahel Abayneh: The Indefatigable Defender

“I’ve always had a compassionate trait that I believe is a gift from God. People often dream of being famous but I’ve always been passionate about helping those in need.”

Rahel Abayneh is a compassionate and sociable woman with an inspiring journey. Her life took a profound turn when she discovered that her second child, Natan, had autism. Despite facing initial challenges and a lack of support from some doctors, Rahel persisted in seeking help for her son. This difficult experience motivated her to open Nehemiah Autism Center in 2011, with a mission to support children with autism and their families in Ethiopia. She has also been instrumental in establishing and supporting other autism centers in Ethiopia, creating awareness, and fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals with autism in the country. Rahel’s character is defined by her selflessness, compassion, and determination. She has always had a strong sense of empathy and a desire to help those in need. Despite facing the initial difficulties of raising a child with autism, Rahel persevered and used her experience to help others. She is a visionary who always looks for innovative ways to improve the lives of autistic individuals and their families. Rahel’s optimism and positive outlook have been the driving forces behind her success in creating a lasting impact on her community. She firmly believes in the power of collaboration and seeks to empower others to make a difference in society.


Hinjat Shamil is currently the Senior Reform Advisor at the Ministry of Finance, where she plays a key role in spearheading several macro-fiscal reforms related to state-owned enterprises, pension funds, financial sectors, and debt management. She also oversees and supports the preparation and implementation of the government’s consecutive Home-Grown Economic Reform packages.

Hinjat has previously worked with the United Nations and the GOE in development finance, industrialization, and sustainable development goals. Hinjat holds a Master of Public Policy in International Development from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Addis Ababa University. This has equipped her with a strong foundation in economics and policy analysis. She also has international work experience in the US, Afghanistan, and Ethiopia.


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