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AWiB Presents HER Gems

July 4 @ 5:30 pm 9:00 pm

AWiB Presents HER Gems

Hilton Hotel

July 4 2023 5:30 – 9 PM

1100 ETB: Non-Members

Complementary: Members

AWiB Presents HER Gems

Every July AWiB showcases HER members through their stories. These are women who gravitated to the tribe and transformed themselves even more. These are like-minded individuals who have unique stories.  Let us learn from each other!

We present wonderful AWiBers—inspirations in human form.

  • Who are they? What do they do in life and how do they do it?
  • What are they passionate about?
  • What are the success factors in their individual lives?
  • What challenges have they experienced and how did they overcome them?
  • Which personal triumphs do they celebrate?
  • How do they contribute to their communities?
  • What’s their vision for the future?
  • What do they want to be remembered for? Their legacy?  What do they want written on their tombstones?


Hanan Ahmed is the CEO of Han’s Reusable Sanitary Manufacturing, a company established to provide reusable sanitary pads and dignity kits to women and girls across communities in Ethiopia. Hanan was formerly a flight attendant, which was her passion since childhood.  She left her aviation career to form a company that helps serve the underprivileged group; women and elderly in the society. 

She started her company, Han’s with Care, during the pandemic when she saw an opportunity to contribute to society and began making face masks for the hearing impaired and face shields for the Ethiopian Doctor Association. After that, she designed reusable sanitary pads, underwear, and incontinence panties, especially for girls with Fistula problems. She created reusable adult diapers and bed protectors for the elderly. 

Through her personal trials and tribulations, Hanan gained a profound understanding of others, and her remarkable resilience in bouncing back from losing everything is truly remarkable. There were moments when she reached rock bottom, yet she managed to rise again, armed with experiences that have empowered her to make meaningful contributions to her community. 

Her vision encompasses the growth of her company, which predominantly employs 98% female staff, and she aspires for a workplace culture rooted in gratitude, where employees feel appreciated and at ease. She dreams of expanding her product reach to African countries. Hanan’s ultimate desire is to be remembered as a woman who conquered seemingly insurmountable challenges and transformed them into opportunities to uplift her community. On her gravestone, she wishes to be commemorated with the words “A life well lived”.

Egziharya Meshesha is a dedicated and self-motivated professional with a bachelor’s degree in international business administration. Armed with a robust background in business management and a skill set encompassing adept communication and stakeholder engagement, Egziharya has excelled across diverse roles, from Member Relations Manager to Advisory Associate. Her strengths lie in proficient team leadership, a keen eye for management gap analysis, and the ability to effectively prioritize tasks.

Her career journey boasts significant milestones, including orchestrating workshops and overseeing office operations in AWiB, spearheading market research and sales management at Sun Sisters Trading PLC, and contributing as an Assistant Coordinator at Caliente Events. Her fusion of academic prowess and hands-on experience makes her a poised candidate poised to thrive in project management roles. Actively involved as a member of AWiB, Egziharya passionately advocates for causes related to the empowerment of women and children.

Egziharya’s commitment to self-improvement is evident through acquiring vital skills such as communication, marketing, and member recruitment over the years. She boasts a comprehensive understanding of organizational and business management practices crucial for meeting and surpassing stakeholder expectations. Egziharya’s adeptness in planning, organizing, and executing tasks coupled with her assertive nature has consistently delivered commendable results, even amidst competing priorities and high-pressure environments.

Ajebework Ali is corporate center manager in Dashen Bank and she has over 28 years of comprehensive experience within the banking sector, and a little bit of agriculture. She is passionate about serving her community, extending her support to both colleagues and individuals outside of her work place. Ajebework is dedicated to assisting those who strive to achieve their goals, as she believes in making the journey easier for others by providing the resources she struggled to obtain during her own path to success. Through consultation and sharing her personal experiences, she aims to accelerate the success of those who seek to learn from her. Ajebework facilitates the professional growth of women in her organization by actively involving men in supporting their advancement. Recognizing the transformative power of collaboration, she believes that change can only be achieved through the combined efforts of both genders.

Ajebework attributes her achievement to her wise mother, who possessed foresight and played a significant role in envisioning her daughter’s future success. Despite facing overwhelming challenges, Ajebework’s indomitable spirit allowed her to pursue education, which played a pivotal role in her ultimate success. Among her various accomplishments, one notable achievement for Ajebework is her son’s success and wisdom, along with her own flourishing career. She aspires to impart the value of discipline to young children, recognizing its significance in today’s world, where it often lacks sufficient emphasis. Drawing from her personal experience, she also envisions providing marriage counseling services and offering consultation within her professional field.

Renowned for her exemplary leadership qualities, Ajebework desires to leave a lasting legacy as a woman who empowers individuals to thrive in any sector they choose to pursue by providing unwavering support and nurturing their ideas.

AWiB Presents HER Gems



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