Women of Excellence (WOE)

What is Women of Excellence?

Women of Excellence (WOE) is one of AWiB’s flagship events that started in 2012 with the aim of cultivating the culture of appreciation and documentation. In the past 9 WOEs, 55 extraordinary women who dedicated their lives to the betterment of the community in different ways were celebrated. Their stories are also documented both in published articles and in videos.

AWiB gathers nominations from the public followed by a selection process by impartial judges. The judges make the selection after thoroughly researching what the women have contributed to society. There are 4 criteria a nominee is expected to fulfill in order to be selected and those are:

  1. Utilizes her position, stature, and expertise for a cause and for a greater legacy
  2. Has a vision that transforms a community and a nation at large
  3. Demonstrates a powerful commitment to coaching other women and sponsoring them to reach their zenith
  4. Has a reputation for courage, integrity, and a sense of fairness & justice

WOE takes place at Sheraton Addis Luxury Collection Hotel in a quite ceremony where the attendants and the women of excellences have intimate conversations and moments to cherish for a lifetime.

WOE also gives recognition to lifetime achievement, organizational excellence and posthumous award. Among these Ethiopian Women’s Lawyer’s Association (EWLA) was celebrated with the organizational excellence award in 2017. EWLA’s Story paints a picture of how the first independent women’s organizing in Ethiopia formed amidst a tumultuous political history, grew in strength, weakened and managed to survive in the span of twenty plus years.

Senedu Gebru was also celebrated with a Posthumous excellence Award. She was the first elected woman to take up a seat in the Ethiopian Parliament.  She is remembered for declaring to her male counterparts in parliament “You reject my ideas as a lone woman here today, but time will come when we will be too many making it impossible to defeat.”

Among these WOEs listed below, Laurate Sister Tibebe Maco, Dr. Tewabech Bishaw & Dr. Jember Tefera were also celebrated with Lifetime achievement awards.

The 55 WOEs celebrated on the 9 years were: 

2012 WOEs

Belaynesh Teklay, Hadia M. Gonji, Dr. Jember Tefera, Mahider Ziku, Misrak Elias, Mulualem Gessesse (M.D.), Tsigie Haile, Zebider Zewdie, Zenebework Tadesse, Dr. Tewabech Bishaw

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2013 WOEs

Melika Bedri, Mulu Haile, Sara Mohamed, Yetnebersh Nigussiem, Laurate Sister Tibebe Maco

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2014 WOEs

Ambassador Tadelech Hailemikael, Bogalech Gebre, Dr. Lia Tadesse, Frealem Shibabaw, Rahel Mekuria, Tirhas Mezgebe, Zemi Yenus

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2015 WOEs

Ambanesh Kebede, Dr. Aster Shewaamare, Etenesh Wondmagegnehu, Maria Munir, Nigest Haile, Prof. Dr. Fetien Abay, Prof. Yeweyenhareg Feleke

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2016 WOEs

Emahoy Fekerte Mariam Bekele, Hermella Wondimu, Sabella Belayneh Abay Kassa, Selome Tadesse, Senait Fisseha (M.D), Tsehay Roshli

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2017 WOEs

Anna Getaneh, Dr. Momina Mohammed, Ellene Mocria, Lidya Tafesse, Professor Yalemtsehay Mekonnen

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2018 WOEs

Keria Ali, Kibra Kebede, Rahel Shawl, Workinesh Daba, Workinesh Munie

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2019 WOEs

Azeb Worku, Bethlehem Birhane, Dr. Selamenesh Tsige Legas, Tigist Waltenigus, Zaf Gebe Tsadik

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2022 WOEs

Amina Mohammed, Betelhem Dessie, Dr. Teguest Guerma, Menna Selamu

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