Hawariat Petros

Hawariat (Hawi) Petros describes herself as a dedicated, no-nonsense team player with excellent leadership skills. With a background in language, communications and program management, for the past several years she has been working in an International Non-Government Organization and has in recent years moved into the privet sector taking on management roles.

Kindness keeps Hawi’s world spinning while faith and love helps her to balance it. A strong supporter of networking, over the years Hawi has joined different clubs and organization as avenues of service and learning platforms. She says, all the life-changing learning moments in her life did not happen in classrooms but, through experiences and conversations with people.

You wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a conversation with Hawi, before she says something about volunteerism.  A hardcore volunteer at heart, she has been a member of the Rotary family since 2007. As a rotaractor from 2007-2014 and a Rotarian since 2015, has successfully designed, fundraised and implemented several projects to send children to schools, to address gender-based discrimination and violence, strengthening the movement against cancer, creating a social support network for elders and so on. Her proudest achievement has been “My sister’s keeper” movement she started with friends in 2013 which aims to provide reusable sanitary pads to female students. So far, 3000 girls have been supported by this project.

By being part of the AWIB family, Hawi aims to use every opportunity to learn from and join likeminded individuals to bring to attention important issues and, push for needed changes to happen to move forward.

Photography, Books, Travel and intellectually challenging conversations over coffee are on top of Hawi’s most enjoyable things to do while, making a difference is her life goal.