Lielina Gebremedhine

People consider me a sociable person because I enjoy interacting with people from different backgrounds to share ideas, information and experiences.

I am a quick learner who is focused and committed when given a task.  Working in a private, import/export company called Tradepath as a customer service agent and personal assistant taught me important life lessons such as interpersonal skills, being a strong team player, and dedication.  Most of all it taught me the importance of patience, which helped me take my communication skill to a higher level.

Taking time away from the corporate world as a stay-at-home mom I consider a blessing in my life.  I feel fortunate to stay with my children and see them take their first steps, say their first words and start day care.  When I was ready to go back to work, I felt I needed to upgrade my skills and education level, hence my MBA journey.

Young and open-minded, I am a person willing to accept any challenge and learn new things to develop myself and contribute something meaningful to my community.  I feel fortunate to be part of the AWiB leadership, a reputable association, because I believe our country’s sustainable development depends on the full participation of women in the political, social and economic sectors.  This opportunity will give me a platform where I can implement the skills and knowledge I acquired from my education and experience to ensure Ethiopian women are given equal opportunities.  I use my social skills for promoting ideas, bringing about  positive change to society.

I received my BA degree in economics from Addis Ababa University.