Tizita Shewaferaw

An ambitious, open-minded woman who portrays herself as “a woman in the making,” I persistently work on my personal and professional growth.  I am currently taking a crack at the medical profession, aspiring to become a psychiatrist.

My passion for self-empowerment and leadership development traces back to my student days at Nazareth School where I volunteered and trained actively in institutes such as YWCA and the Ethiopia Scout Association.  In my medical school years at Addis Ababa University, I participated in organizing multiple events with the aim of creating health awareness for the community.

I value independence, reliability and personal growth greatly and thrive to incorporate those in my life.  I love reading, writing and taking pictures.  Learning new skills, attending social gatherings and meeting new people also give me pleasure.

AWiB has a special place my heart.  In addition to being a superb tribe full of empowered and bold women, AWiB is the place that transformed me into a better version of myself and helped me find my purpose in life.  As a new board member, I am determined to learn a great deal from the experiences while making a long-lasting impact.