Reengineering Our Thinking, Reengineering Our World

“The world’s problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.
We shall require a new level of thinking.”
Albert Einstein

The Association of Women in Business (AWiB) is a volunteer driven membership association that seeks to unleash potential through supporting the personal and professional development of career women and women in business. We have been actively engaged for the past four years in enabling such development by convening meetings whereby prominent speakers and eminent personalities exchange information and insights towards cultivating a culture of innovation, creativity and sharing.

Ever since its inception, AWiB begins the year with a new vigor and enthusiasm choosing a yearly theme to guide the year’s effect.  In 2014, AWiB chose a theme “Purpose and Determination” in order to reengineer our thinking for conscious leadership. It is this very spirit that we will be injecting in all of our endeavors to accomplish our planned activities for the year and the same spirit we hope to instill into all of those who participate in such events.

In addition to the yearly theme, AWiB chooses the annual May Forum theme to discuss critical gaps that can be addressed at personal, societal and government levels and can challenge mindsets and design ways to incorporate new ways of thinking to accomplish better results. Recognizing the power of thought on an individual level, the theme of this year’s forum is ‘Reengineering Our Thinking, Reengineering Our World.

As revered Albert Einstein put it, “The world’s problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them. We shall require a new level of thinking.” It is thinking that informs culture.  Individuals who have fixed mindset have hard time adjusting to changing realities.  Unfortunately, doing old tasks more efficiently is not the answer to new challenges. A new culture with new values has to be developed to embrace changing realities.  A continually more related and interrelated society, it is only as we look to reshape culture and values on an individual level that societal and systems will be changed.  Hence, AWiB would like to focus on how we reengineer our thinking to impact our world.

AWiB strategizes to achieve its goal of encouraging acquisition of knowledge for personal and professional development and enabling transformational conversations for the capacity enhancement of the nation.  In lieu of that, AWiB will host its third annual forum on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 to be held at the UNECA conference center.

In order to reengineer our thinking at the government, personal and societal level, AWiB selected four topics that are crucial to address:

1) Attracting and Retaining Talent in Civil Service Corps:

The purpose for this topic is to facilitate dialogue on the ways to improve the effectiveness and performance of the civil service, including non-monetary incentives, and to ensure its affordability and sustainability over time.

This discussion will be facilitated as a panel session with representation from government representatives, public and civil service sectors. Participants will address the challenges and initiatives to attract and retain the human resources in the civil service enterprise.

2) Creating and Transforming Your World with Winning Negotiation Skills:

Good negotiation skills can improve one’s life immensely. We are actually negotiating all the time be it with partners, friends, colleagues, at work, in shops, and family members. As negotiation is done in everyday situations, to every aspect of life and all relationships, this session will aim to improve our approach to and skills in negotiation.

This will be an interactive session on how to identify and develop negotiating capacities.

3) Social Entrepreneurship: Creating and Sustaining a Socially Responsible Enterprise:

Social entrepreneurship is the process of pursuing innovative solutions to social problems. Socially responsible enterprises focus on being creating sustainable development through its initiatives that focus mostly on societal gains.

This will be an inspirational session on viewing business opportunities as more than just profitable ventures, but also as solutions to social problems.

4) Women with Attitude: Accomplished Women Sharing Their Lives

Attitude determines your latitude. How far we are able to go is inextricably linked with the attitude and belief system we set for ourselves. In the same sense, the attitude we exude to support friends and family also shapes the enabling environment for success or failure. As attitude is a state of mind that differs from person to person, this session will focus on hearing about mantras that embody perseverance, humility and achievement.

This session will be conducted to showcase experience sharing and will include three women sharing their stories of triumphs, challenges and female leadership.

Therefore, in an exploration of the fundamental issues affecting personal and professional life, it is AWiB’s intention that participants will achieve five objectives from participating in the forum:

  1. Contribute to the discussion on addressing ‘Attracting and Retaining Talent in Civil Service Corps;;
  2. Acquire tools and tips on how to create their world through developing their negotiation skills;
  3. Explore how one can go beyond personal interest and contribute to society through social entrepreneurship;
  4. Discover the factors that shaped the success of accomplished women in our community and learn from their personal stories; and
  5. Network with professional and business leaders and change agents.

Join AWiB on Thursday, May 22, 2014 at the UNECA for a one-day forum with prominent speakers, eminent personalities and industry leaders and get inspiration on how to reengineer our thinking and reengineer our world for better productivity in our respective personal and professional lives.

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