Messeret Belihu

Founder and General Manager of Ras Amba Hotel (R.A.H.)

Messeret Belihu is the founder and general manager of Ras Amba Hotel (R.A.H.), one of the prominent hotels around Addis Ababa ranging back 20 years. The hotel is one of the first female-owned and managed hotels in AA. Messeret is also a board member of the Hotel Owners Association. Her first business milestone was opening the emblematic Omega Traditional Restaurant at Bole Olympia in the early 90s that stemmed from her passion for cooking.

Messeret has been a devoted supporter both financially and in-kind at the local Mary Joy charity for orphaned children. She also provides financial support for women that are interested in education, particularly for women returning from the Middle East as a means of improving their livelihood. She hopes there will be more opportunities to support women empowerment.

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