Melika Bedri

Chief Executive Officer of ZamZam Bank

Melika Bedri is the founding Chief Executive Officer of ZamZam Bank, the first fully Interest-Free Bank in Ethiopia. Out of the over 20 banks in the country Melika is currently the only woman CEO, however she isn’t the first. Prior to her commitment to ZamZam Bank, she lead CBE’s finance sector as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for well over two years.

Melika has served for over three decades in various high-level positions while working for CBE. Some positions include Vice President of Information Systems, Vice President of Marketing & Research, Executive Assistant to the President, Treasurer, etc. She climbed her way to power in a male-dominated sector to become one of the most influential people in the financial sector. In addition, Melika is AWiB’s 2013 Women of Excellence finalist and Brand Ambassador.

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