Aster Asfaw

Aster Asfaw

Aster Asfaw is a certified Executive Leadership Coach, freelance trainer, and mentor known for her expertise in leadership, life skills, personal development, and child care. Her illustrious career spanning over three decades showcases a wealth of experience across diverse national and international roles within NGOs. Most notably, she held the esteemed position of SOS Children’s Villages International Representative, overseeing operations across ten African countries. Prior to this, she led as the Country Director for SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia for approximately six years.

Driven by an unyielding dedication to making a positive impact on individuals’ lives, Aster’s background in leadership, social work, and accounting endows her with a comprehensive understanding of holistic child and community development, child rights and protection, financial management, as well as leadership and governance.

Her life’s mission revolves around selfless service, rooted in sharing and nurturing, with a paramount goal of empowering individuals to unlock their inherent potential and flourish in every facet of life. She seizes each opportunity for continual learning, unlearning, and relearning, steadfastly committed to both personal and professional growth.

As a professional with over a decade in senior leadership roles both nationally and internationally, Aster embodies innovation, energy, and seasoned expertise. Her profound understanding of child and community development issues, coupled with a fervent passion for empowering young people, especially girls, underscores her commitment to effecting meaningful change. Demonstrating a proven track record in crafting and implementing organizational strategies, she is a persuasive team-builder dedicated to the holistic development of organizations, teams, and herself. Her extensive experience in budgeting, financial management, and accounting systems further solidifies her adeptness in catalyzing organizational success.

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