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Navigating Through a Capricious World Recap

The evening’s tantalizing program, “Navigating through a Capricious World” explored how art equips us to navigate life’s uncertainties. The speakers lined up embodied this concept. Hiwot Emishaw is a poet, author, an advocate, and communications professional. Blen Yosef, a musician known for fusing Ethiopian melodies with contemporary influences, and Fraol Bedada, an up-and-coming comedian who addresses social issues using humor as a tool. Each speaker demonstrated art’s ability to entertain, inspire critical thinking, and deepen our understanding of the world.

Meaningful Connections, Social Media and Algorithms

If you are like me, you thrive on making personal connections — deep meaningful exchanges of experience and vulnerability. There is a lot of fun in connecting to people who have similar interests or learning new things from people with a different perspective than you.

selamawit girmay

Selamawit Girmay: The Trailblazing Advocate

Selamawit’s formative years at Nazareth School were a vibrant counterpoint to the stifling silence she often felt at home. This vibrant all-girls institution fueled with passion, provided her a space for unabated exploration. Sports became her playground, volleyball her signature spike. Here, amidst the freedom and encouragement, Selamawit’s personality blossomed. The once-silenced youngest child bloomed into the confident and playful woman we know today.

may forum

AWiB Annual May Forum 2024

AWiB’s May Forum, held every year at UNCC and attended by up to 500 participants, is about AWiB’s capacity and contribution to the nation. Organized for the tenth year the conference cultivates a culture of dialogue and reflection. With “Resilience for Safety & Sustainability” being AWiB’s 2024 theme, this year’s May Forum is “Agile Leadership: From Authority to Partnership.”

aster solomon

She Rises

AWiB congratulates the visionary leader Aster Solomon for the recognition of Information Systems Services (ISS) as a Cornerstone Partner at the 2024 Esri Partner Conference (EPC).

Negotiation Recap

Negotiation is the process of reaching an agreement with other parties so that we can achieve our goals. It has various tactics and instances such as Position, Concession, Win-lose, and Win-Win.

Journey From Struggle to Success

Despite the many gains of modern feminist movements all over the world, many still believe that women are less worthy of the same educational opportunities afforded to men.