Yetem Trading – Taking The Lead

In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, companies are increasingly recognizing the value of giving back to their communities.  Among them is Yetem Trading, Ethiopia’s premier cosmetic powerhouse that spans its influence across more than 10 major cities in the country. The company distributes a diverse array of renowned brands such as Lolane, Algabo, Afrochick, and many others. Yetem envisions itself as the ultimate destination, catering to diverse beauty needs across the nation. []

A Decade of Women Empowerment

For over a decade, Impala Communication has had the distinct honor of walking hand in hand with AWiB, forging a partnership that has thrived on dialogue, consultation, and empowerment. With the passage of time, this alliance has grown in strength, leaving a deep-rooted mark on both organizations.

AWiB 2023 Partners

Partnerships play an essential role in achieving any organization’s goals, which is particularly true for businesses. In today’s complex and interconnected world, companies need to partner with other organizations to achieve their objectives: expand their customer base, enter new markets, or develop new products and services. One organization that companies can partner with to achieve these goals is AWiB Ethiopia.

Celebrating 10 Years of True Friendship – Ignited in AWiB

Friendship is a complex yet beautiful thing. It is a bond that is formed among people and can last a lifetime. Our time on this earth wouldn’t be the same without our cherished friends who have stuck with us through hardships and celebrations. Recognizing the necessity of healthy friendships, AWiB is highlighting two of HER most supportive members and their journey through their friendship.