Women in Self-Employment (WISE) is one of the few organizations in Ethiopia that practices the Social Enterprise model, not only conceptually but also technically & practically. It is the collective work of three independent entities; WISE the non-governmental organization under which all were formed, Savings & Credit Cooperatives Union (SACCO Union) which is the umbrella body that provides different services to 100 SACCOs in Addis Ababa and Meleket Training Services, the income generating wing.


AWiB proudly presents the 2023 Women of Excellence (WOE) nominees. Every year, since 2012, we celebrate outstanding Ethiopian women who serve their communities and country relentlessly and tirelessly.


SheLeads is a global, multi-faceted program designed to accelerate the career development of diverse women leaders.

Creating Wealth: The Way to a Fulfilled Life

The secret to creating wealth is understanding it. Even though many people aspire to financial success, they frequently fall short because they lack the necessary qualities, such as discipline, hard work, and wise financial decisions.

World Visionaries

A visionary is someone who can predict how a society, economy, or other entity will develop in the future and make appropriate plans. Visionaries are always thinking creatively and in advance. They can foresee the future and create solutions that correspond to that vision. Visionaries are change-makers, innovators, and thought leaders.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

With Ethiopia’s unemployment rate rising and the economy deteriorating by the day, innovation is becoming increasingly important. Anyone can benefit from having an entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurship is integrated into various aspects of our lives, regardless of the industry. Entrepreneurship comes from the French word “entreprendre,” which means “to undertake.” It is a process of extracting benefits from new, unique, and valuable combinations of resources in an uncertain and ambiguous environment.